Want to feel as vital and strong as if you were twenty again, have a stride in your step and be as confident as Hercules?

The Bowspring is a curvy, springy and dynamic postural template for people of any age. A mind-body practice designed to bring us back to a more natural way of moving. Nature evolved us with a double-S curve in the spine, yet, in our sedentary day to day life, we find our spines more often than not in one big, rounded C-curve. By using a Bowspring alignment, we move back to this double-S curve and we create an opportunity for light and fluid movement. We then find ourselves in a position of openness and readiness.

We become sensitive to all parts of our body, to then learn how to balance out which parts of the body do the work (hint: it’s not your jazz fingers or toes!). This balancing is based on the principles of biotensegrity

It is finding our bodies expression through its curves, rather than tucking everything under and in. Through these curves we create more space in the containers of our body, like the ribs or the pelvis, allowing more freedom to the contents (e.g. the lungs, or intestines).

The practice itself is playful and fun, the movement being more organic than mechanic. It’s a path of kindness and patience towards yourself. It is there for anyone willing to meet themselves and ready to expand the horizons of their own body-mind. The end result is a stronger, sturdier and less stressed version of yourself!