Daan is our flying Dutchman with a background in music. Bowspring appeared to be the key to unlocking a lightness and openness in his body that 7 years of classical yoga practice hadn’t yet unlocked. In his classes he also draws inspiration from Body Mind Centering and even the improvisational dance stye/movement research Gaga, adding a somatic sauce on the side from time to time. Expect a playful attitude to the practice and surely a handstand hidden somewhere!


Liz hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma and also has a background in music! Next to that she’s somewhat of a Bowspring dinosaur, having been there since pretty much the very beginning. She stumbled upon Bowspring in 2013 while teaching hot power vinyasa yoga. She tried blending the two for a few years, but deep down prefers a more purist approach. She’s also super into meditation techniques for the average person. Her classes are crisp and challenging, sweet and sweaty, not to mention great and glutiful.