One week on a Greek island, strategically scheduled for perfect weather. Just Google Image search Amorgos’ crystal blue waters and get as excited as we are! (However, after visiting last year, witnesses will confirm: GOOGLE DOES NOT DO IT JUSTICE!)

Retreat and reconnect and find respite all week long with Bowspring yoga, the Greek sun, sea – and let’s not forget the food! You’ll enjoy two yoga classes and two delicious Mediterranean vegetarian/vegan meals per day. Also included: one half-hour massage during the week, and a one day tour through Amorgos. Beaches within easy reach and all the downtime you want.

Ana, who participated last year, wrote:

The Reconnection Retreat was a very meaningful time to learn about many things. The groundwork was laid for the participants to see how they could tailor the retreat to their own needs -physical and mental. Each of us was constantly tuned into, offered practical adjustments in our practice and emotional support off the mat. The cueing was lucid and precise, and if I had a doubt about where to place my body, clarification was offered. I had not fully understood all that Bowspring has to offer me as a person and a practitioner of traditional vinyasa and hatha yoga. I’m so transformed physically and emotionally pleased with what I gleaned on this retreat, that I am now exclusively practicing the Bowspring Method.
Can’t wait for the next one!


Early bird pricing (until March 1st 2019):

€920 for a shared double room. €1250 for a single room.

Regular pricing (from March 1st 2019):

€1250 for a shared double room. €1700 for a single room.

Price includes accommodations, all yoga classes, breakfast and dinner each day, one half-hour massage, day tour costs (excluding meal), transportation to and from Amorgos port.  

Price does not include the flight to Athens, accommodations in Athens, ferry to Amorgos, lunch throughout the week, leisure activities, and all your early Christmas presents.



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Want to feel as vital and strong as if you were twenty again, have a stride in your step and be as confident as Hercules?

The Bowspring is a curvy, springy and dynamic postural template for people of any age. A mind-body practice designed to bring us back to a more natural way of moving. Nature evolved us with a double-S curve in the spine, yet, in our sedentary day to day life, we find our spines more often than not in one big, rounded C-curve. By using a Bowspring alignment, we move back to this double-S curve and we create an opportunity for light and fluid movement. We then find ourselves in a position of openness and readiness.

We become sensitive to all parts of our body, to then learn how to balance out which parts of the body do the work (hint: it’s not your jazz fingers or toes!). This balancing is based on the principles of biotensegrity

It is finding our bodies expression through its curves, rather than tucking everything under and in. Through these curves we create more space in the containers of our body, like the ribs or the pelvis, allowing more freedom to the contents (e.g. the lungs, or intestines).

The practice itself is playful and fun, the movement being more organic than mechanic. It’s a path of kindness and patience towards yourself. It is there for anyone willing to meet themselves and ready to expand the horizons of their own body-mind. The end result is a stronger, sturdier and less stressed version of yourself! 

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Daan is our flying Dutchman with a background in music. Bowspring appeared to be the key to unlocking a lightness and openness in his body that 7 years of classical yoga practice hadn’t yet unlocked. In his classes he also draws inspiration from Body Mind Centering and even the improvisational dance stye/movement research Gaga, adding a somatic sauce on the side from time to time. Expect a playful attitude to the practice and surely a handstand hidden somewhere!


Liz hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma and also has a background in music! Next to that she’s somewhat of a Bowspring dinosaur, having been there since pretty much the very beginning. She stumbled upon Bowspring in 2013 while teaching hot power vinyasa yoga. She tried blending the two for a few years, but deep down prefers a more purist approach. She’s also super into meditation techniques for the average person. Her classes are crisp and challenging, sweet and sweaty, not to mention great and glutiful.

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We will be staying at the Askas pension which is located just behind the main beach of Aegiali. It is recognized as a first category pension and has 18 rooms. It is surrounded by a rich garden which also provides all the vegetables for their restaurant where we will be eating. 

The port and all the shops and restaurants are only a five minute walk away!
The Askas pension is a family run business which welcomes you with open arms and makes you feel at home immediately. 

Askas also has a stunning covered rooftop terrace where we will be practicing in the morning and the evening.

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Amorgos is an island located in the south of the group of islands known as the Cyclades and is surrounded by the crystalline, deep blue sea of the Aegean. The island has a unique energy which immediately fills visitors with a sense of peace and well-being. More than this, Amorgos has astounding nature which varies around every corner, fabulous fresh food, and picturesque villages and beaches which will take your breath away. If you like trekking you are also in luck, as Amorgos is very mountainous: it has organized trails that pass by ancient sites, secluded beaches, tiny chapels and spectacular sea views.

Getting to Amorgos

There is no airport on the island, so you will have board a ferry from Piraeus port, Athens.

From Athens Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” to Piraeus Port:

Bus – Just outside arrivals at the airport, take X96 straight from Athens Airport to Piraeus port.

Metro – Athens Airport – Monastiraki, line 3 (blue line).
Monastiraki – Piraeus port, line 1 (green line).

Taxi – Just outside arrivals at the airport.

From Piraeus to Amorgos (Aegiali or Katapola port):

At Piraeus port you will have the chance to buy tickets for the ferry, but it’s recommended to buy your ticket in advance via the internet (for example here). If you’re traveling between the Cycladic islands it’s easier to find tickets but if you travel during the high season we recommend you to book your ticket in advance.

Amorgos has 2 portsAegiali is closest to the Askas hotel where we will be staying.



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For registration and any other questions regarding the retreat, please get in touch with us using our contact form. We’ll do our best to answer you ASAP